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Default Re: Batman hits women?

Originally Posted by Oswald View Post
You talk like if there's a consensus, and that's false, if you read again the posts of Anita18 you'll see I'm not the one who thinks Batman HATES criminals. I agree with her: maybe violence isn't Batman's first resource, but someone who dedicates such a part of his life to chase and ruin criminals (he isn't a cop, he can't arrest them), punching them if necessary, without any reward for it, looks like having a serious problem with the wrath...
The consensus seems to be that you're not wholly correct. And again, the latter part above in bold doesn't prove hatred. Professional boxers take out their aggression in the ring against an opponent and pummel the crap out of them. Doesn't mean they hate them. Batman beats the dickens outta the Joker time after time and doesn't kill him. Why? If he hated the Joker, he'd probably kill him right? I think it's because Batman has to believe that you can come back from the brink of that kind of madness. He has to believe you can be reformed. He might break someone's nose to make them see that, but that doesn't mean his use of violence (which is warranted) equates to hatred. After all, these villains aren't afraid of the cops... he uses the Batman persona to strike fear. Nowhere in that formula does hatred necessarily enter in. You can theorize and ponder that part of it all you want, but there's isn't proof. And we all know proof is in the pudding. Mmm.... pudding... gloglogloglog...


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