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Default Re: ABC's Once Upon a Time - Part 4

Originally Posted by Milos View Post
I never said Snow is evil, I like Snow! I never said Regina was perfect I know she chooses to do all that stuff, I just said she has a good reason and it's not all black and white! Blue fairy knew that Rumpelstiltskin is training Regina for the curse and she did nothing!
Even if what you are saying is correct (I am blanking now as to whether BF knew Regina was getting lessons from the Dark One), how is that "screwing" Regina over? Regina CHOSE to train with Rumple.

Also, need I remind you of the multiple times Regina has been given clemency and shown mercy by our heroes (And indeed, Snow, Charming, the Dwarves, Granny, Ruby et. al. have shown the hearts of TRUE HEROES) she's rejected it? It was only 2 eps ago that the character herself confirmed what I just posted before. That she is addicted to her anger and rage. Well sir, THAT is on her. No one else. Regina could've been a hero. She could have been a force for good. But she has chosen time and again the path of darkness. Instead of overcoming her circumstances and emotions she has instead harmed, out of spite, all in her orbit. She fancies herself a Queen, but she is really just a child with too much power.

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