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Default Re: Shouldn't Zod have manhandled Supes?

Well, when it comes to the Smallville fight, it was definitely Clark's ability to utilize all of his kryptonian powers and controlling his senses that gave him the edge in his fight against Nam-ek and Faora.

From what we saw, all Clark really needed to do at that point was just destroy or damage their breathers that controlled on how much of the Earth's atmosphere they absorbed in at once since Zod and Faora were brought to their knees from not knowing on how to handle their super senses.

And with Nam-ek, it was definitely Clark knowing on how to fly and Nam-ek not knowing it that gave him the advantage in that fight.

Also, regarding Superman's fight with Zod at the very end, I think it was definitely Clark having been exposed to the sun rays for 33 years that allowed him to break Zod's neck.

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