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Default Re: X-Men First Class v.s Captain America TFA

Originally Posted by CyclopsWasRight View Post
Azazel was badass and the final fight just sublime
The build, consequence and tension between Shaw, Prof X and Magneto is really what makes that last scene so good imo. The character's and acting are really top notch there.

The actual fighting in FC is the weakest aspect of the film for me. I know Vaughn is capable but I just don't think he had the time here, or much to work with as far as the teams combat. Mystique was helpless when it comes to fighting, Banshee Vs Angel was pretty bad, Riptide acted dense just standing around with clearly no purpose (besides the prior jet crash) in the actual final fight and Havok barely had control long enough to do anything cool. Think Nightcrawler is responsible for my underwhelming view when it comes to Azazel's stuff. Felt very rushed and loosely choreographed compared to how they used and shot Kurts teleporting in X2. Which (especially at the time) was extremely tense and visually impressive.

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