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Awesome Re: Merchandise and toys

Originally Posted by sabetoonth View Post
lol, Little excited? Yea, I havent opened mine yet but I grabbed the Kurse myself.

As for Maliketh, well there's always the option to try and do a custom Mal yourself or find a customizer you can afford? Some of those figs are fantastic. I was thinking of doing that if we didn't get one. Me? Im still on the look out for all the characters I dont have from both movies.
Haha nnnnot sure what'd give you THAT idea

I was thinking of doing just that. Malekith does have pretty much the same battle armour as the Dark Elf troops right? The only discernible difference I believe is he has a cape/shroud of some kind?

I'd just probably do a cheapo situation & scuff up the side of his mask black so he'd be different than the other two Dark Elves I'd get.

Two regular Dark Elf & the one Malekith "custom" would look pretty cool standing there attempting to give Thor a hard time.

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