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Default Re: Silver Surfer vs Thor

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
You mentioned previous fights and I answered you, which makes it logical that I talk about the same things.

Even in the most current comics there's plenty of disparity to make things hard to judge. In the Avengers Assemble comic Thor seems to be written pretty poorly and doesn't come across as that powerful (as far as I read, which wasn't that far as I didn't find it to be very good) while in Thor: God of Thunder he has an extremely big feat where he absorbs energy that was meant to kill every god that have ever existed, basically becoming a god for the gods. Very different portrayals of Thor in parallel comics.

As for Hulk vs Thor, Thor has almost always held back (and as for canon comics, I don't think they are very far apart in victories at all). I don't remember Hulk ever winning when Thor doesn't. As for Hulk never beating SS, SS has never beaten Thor which is the more relevant point. It wouldn't even matter if Hulk had beaten Thor every time, there can be a rock paper scissors situation. Thor vs Hulk is only relevant if you want to look at Thor vs someone he hasn't faced but has faced Hulk.
Is this proven or fan speculation though? Dont mean to offend you just asking, every time I have seen them fight in the comics, Hulk has won, and even Thor fans admit that Thor loses more to Hulk than he wins, and by some way.

Thor seemed more powerful years ago from what I have read, but today Surfer takes this easily to me. SS may not have defeated Thor, but as in their recent fight he wasnt really fighting, more trying to talk Thor down, not to mention SS beat BRB with ease, who is Thor's equal.

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