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As far as saving people, I didn't see it as Clark defying what Jonathon Kent wanted. Remember he wandered for awhile. Then he finally met his real dad. Jor-El told him the purpose of sending him. Jonathon Kent told Clark when he was a boy, that he believed he was sent here for a reason. JK didn't know Clark would one day speak with Jor-El. Now Jor-El spoke of uniting Earths people with Krypton. However not at the expense of later expressed. When he had Kal bust out the side of the ship, he told him he could save Lois and ultimately save all the people of Earth. As much as he respected JK's wishes when he died, that changed as a result of meeting Jor-El and knowing his purpose.

I don't believe he was disrepecting him at that point either. And just because he knew his purpose wouldn't mean that he still wouldn't/couldn't be conflicted and struggle with doubts later. He was still raised on Earth and had human emotions. That wouldn't just disappear.

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