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Default Re: Thor Dark World Score, Is Patrick Doyle coming back?

Originally Posted by ctsketch View Post
Dude! I loved his Iron Man theme! very heroic. I want it to appear in Avengers 2 like...Iron Man's theme
It was good, and Tyler has done some other good scores in the past as well, just wish he would have the main themes from Thor 1.

Originally Posted by A Necessary Evil View Post
I'm sure his TDW score will be fine, I was told that it's "Lord of the Rings, but the vibe is "think Lord of the Rings in outer space."

His IM3 score was the best of the MCU, (and quite frankly my second favorite CBM score, right after Spider-Man 3 & tied with Elfman's Hulk.) I'm sure this will be just as awesome.
Ah well, Thor 1 was one of my favourite CBM scores an the best MCU one IMO, so naturally I am disappointed it has been dropped here.

Also, its always an awesome feeling going to see a sequel and hearing that familiar music again, Marvel just dont seem interested though.

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