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Batman 89.

Same thing but with more modern special effects and three extra scenes that are Bruce Wayne's flashbacks: First one, (right after he visited Axis Chemicals the first time and met Jack Napier), about how he trained somewhere in the Himalayas. Second one, (right after he takes Vicky to the bat-cave) he's alone in his mansion when a huge bat breaks the window and flies in. Third one, (right before facing Joker for the last time) about how his parents were killed, just like it happens in the movie.
for me the movie would be mostly the same only i would have used the Red Hood gang for the movie. have them be hired to break into axis and Batman and the police show up. we never seen the man under the Hood until he becomes the Joker. the Joker kills the rest of the gang with his joker gas months later and then goes after Batman by holding the city for ransom. Joker doesn't kill the Waynes. there would be flashbacks to Bruce as child showing the murder of his parents, him finding the cave, and the bat flying into the study.
there would be more for Harvey Dent and Commissioner Gordon to do then to just stand around.

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What made Hawkgirl so much more deserving of a spotlight than Aquaman? The answer is her vagina--
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