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Default Re: Shouldn't Zod have manhandled Supes?

Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
See, these types of arguments are not very well founded, what they showed was logical.

Superman getting weak on board the Kryptonian ship was due to him not being accustomed to Kryptonian atmosphere, he was not acclimatized. he was not used to Kryptonian atmosphere, Red Sun radiation and gravity on the ship.

Zod and others were in a different situation, they were getting charged, their body was not used to such conditions true, but then they were not being drained (like Supes) they were starting to gain some super powers.
I guess it would be harder for Supes to adapt due to the harsh conditions of the replicated kryptonian atmosphere but all of this said logic goes to sh** when Lois is able to roam freely (with breather) about with not a care in the world and is able to actually lift a kryptonian gun and fight off a female kryptonian (who is already extremely more powerful than a human naturally) in replicated earth atmosphere.

So this means that as long as a human has an oxygen headset alone he can walk on Krypton and no harm shall come to him despite the atmosphere being not only harsher than that of earth.....but harsh enough to produce super-powered indestructible beings when they are exposed to our young bright sun and conditions. The kryptonian red sun is way older hence their environment became adapted to that and they evolved to absorb as much sunlight and nourishment as possible from the older weary sun to survive. With this knowledge, the far younger sun and far less harsh environment provided by the earth with their adapted ability to absorb and take in as much as possible made them superhuman. By having Lois being able to even be on that ship without an advanced full body space suite contradicts the power level that they depict on earth because according to Lois it ain't nothing for humans to waltz on krypton.

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