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"This is no fantasy... This is no careless act of wild imagination..."

"Peter Pan flew with children Lois. In a fairy tale."

Two quotes from Superman:The Movie. S:TM was meta before meta was cool, because it is a fantasy, it is a glorious act of pure wild imagination, and indeed Lois is flying with a hero out of a fairy tale. The fantasy/fairy tale aspect of Superman is what Donner brilliantly gave us. Man of Steel was the gestalt scifi side of Superman. It made no bones about it being a big scifi epic of biblical proportions. As a fan that in fact would have been satisfied with a simple update of what Donner did (which is NOT what Superman Returns was), signifiers and all with modern sfx and the addition of a physical threat of some kind I got the Superman film in MOS I did not even know I wanted. What many see as it's flaws (i.e.. pacing, the scope of it's battles) I see as it's strengths. I believe that such a presentation of the character gave me great "joy". I came out of the theatre happy as a clam at high tide, even though it most certainly was not the film I would have made in the least. I got what Snyder and Co. were going for and would say, real flaws and all, I got a film that can stand toe to toe with SUPERMAN:THE MOVIE, BATMAN, SPIDER-MAN 2, BATMAN BEGINS, THE DARK KNIGHT , IRON MAN and THE AVENGERS.

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