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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

^It is no were near B&R level, I dont care what anyone says. For me, it is still one of my favourite comic book movies ever, I really like how it presents Superman as more understated, thoughtful and subtle, as he has been portrayed sometimes in the comics, For Tomorrow comes to mind straight away.

I loved that it delved into Supermans feelings of alienation as well, which was spelled out as the theme of the movie at the start on the scrabble board. It gives him problems he cant solve with his powers, throw in some amazing scene's and emotions in the movie and its why I love it so much. It was also the Superman movie that got me really into the character and reading the comics, which I have continued to this day.

It wasnt perfect, no movie, and it made some pretty big mistakes, but overall its still a great CBM to me.

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