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Default Re: Rank the Iron Man movies (IM, IM2, and IM3)

Originally Posted by A Necessary Evil View Post
Okay one, the Mandarin was the BTS villain AND the physical threat.

"You simply rule from behind the scenes, because the second you give evil a face, you hand the people a target."

AKA, I worked behind the scenes, gave someone else the face of evil, while I did things behind the scenes.

Also, yes he had no issue calling the suits at the finale...after Mark 42 had been repaired. Would you have rather had the spectacle of all 42 suits in Killian's mansion, or for the finale?
Mach 42 had been repaired before the finale though, it was fixed at the kids house. Stark could have called another or all the armours for the Mansion attack, Air Force One rescue as well as the finale. Then we could have gotten more of the suits and more of Tony in them as well, which is a common complaint about the movie.

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
The twist of the Mandarin being Killian wouldn't have worked if the audience didn't believe Kingsley was the Mandarin. That was the genius of the whole deception. Killain fit the theme of the movie very well and made for an effective Mandarin. He just didn't have rings of power. He was more like a combination of Mandarin and the Melter. The Mandarin was always able to go toe to toe with Stark, and it is funny that in many early issues, the Mandarin was believed to be a myth.

I can understand Killian didn't have the rings or the look of the classic Mandarin, and this lack iconography burns many fans. But, I think the spirit of the character worked in many ways.
I do think the spirit of the character was there, but he wasnt threatening enough for me, and Stark wasnt really clever in the way he engaged him either, as others have said. I dont think what they did with the Mandarin was blasphemy like others do, but I understand their views. On 1st viewing I thought the twist worked, but its on subsequent viewings that it feels cheap and unnecessarily decieving.

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