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Default Re: Time travel method and ripple effect thread

Originally Posted by henzINNIT View Post
Well obviously the biggest difference in the altered present day would be no Sentinel threat.

I have faith that Singer and FOX are aware of the fan demand for Cyclops. I don't know how things will play out in DOFP, but it makes sense that this story is the perfect opportunity to right some wrongs. As long as the film is good I'm not going to dwell on the decisions Singer makes, but I can see a future for Scott in following films, whether it be future stories or something set in the 80's.
That's something I've raised before: As presented from the OT there is no sentinel threat to mutants at all in that time. None were used for the raid on the mansion, none showed up in the forest when Madrox was fooling the government, none for the Alcatraz battle etc. The only hint of them was the hologram in the Danger Room, but beyond that I think a file on the computer in X2 was about it.

Now bear in mind these robots have supposedly been in public service 'protecting humanity' since 1973, so their complete omission as a threat from the OT is something they will need to address. Plus Erik's line at the end of the Wolverine that they 'are making a weapon'. 'Making', not they already have one and have had it for about 40 years.

Might even be the reason behind everything: We are all assuming it's just Wolverine going back, but what if someone else went back first and changed things so Trask developed his robots? (maybe thats the weapon Erik is really speaking of? Not the sentinels but a time travel macguffin?) So maybe trask was suposed have died young, or maybe his father was killed in the Cuba incident or something like that?

The latter might be a possibility....Would tie into DOFP if something in the events of First Class are what led to the big change that Wolverine needs to correct (would also allow them to 'correct' other inconsistencies with First Class and the OT).

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