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Default Re: The 'The Wolverine' Box Office Prediction Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Gotcha, thanks for the info. So do you think Days Of Future Past could have a good run in China and that Fan BingBing could add some interest?
America Comics don't have a big fanbase in China compared to Japanese manga because of history (though both America Comics and Japanese manga can't publish legally in China now).Not many Chinese have seen America Comics in their school age.But there are still some America Comics fanbase in China because of movies.Spiderman,batman Ironman,and maybe superman has larger fanbase than X-men in China indeed.But release date and government's restriction and propaganda determine the boxoffice.
And most Chinese audiences see superhero movies for other reasons such as the quality of movie ,directors ,acters and so on.

For Fan BingBing ,Fox hire her only for increase the possiblity of release in China .Because Chinese government likes Chinese star have international influence.So if you hire a Chinese actor. You will jave more chance in market .You can also be allowed do advertising or propaganda in China.Media may also report.
In fact many Chinese audiences don't like local stars .They think they are stupid ,uneducated,and with no temperament,they get hot only because they have relationship with powerful people.Many Chinese audiences prefer western(including Japan) actors (though they don't know many western stars) to ;ocal stars

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