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Default Re: Fantastic Four reborn! - Part 7

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Ignorance and closed mind are not insults, he's talking about their knowledge of the subject they're discussing, it's not as if he was calling anybody retard or something like that, he's Basically saying others don't know what they're talking about, not making a true personal insult.
See the thing is whether Ignorance and closed minded are insults are relative to those who read it. Me personally I don't take what he's calling me as a insult as more of the frustration that most won't sway to his point of view about Fox/Marvel movies and I've always disagreed with him singing their merits and motivations primarily dealing with the FF. But others he addressing may not be as thick skinned so it comes off as a "flame".

You have to be able to debate without resorting to any personal opinions about the "Posters on this forum" So while I agree with you that this may have not been the most egregious of statements what about the other 9?

Just like I never felt that Back in the Spidermanhype days that Mr. Parker wasn't insulting... Hmmm I guess cause we agreed a lot LOL!!!

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