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Default Re: If Daryl or Rick died.....

Originally Posted by Spider-Who? View Post
The show is about Rick, plain and simple. He isn't dying.

I love Daryl and would absolutely hate to see him go, but I can look at the character honestly and admit that his character does little to serve the overall plot and momentum of the show. He's around for walker killing and to mutter a few words with Carol, but other than that he isn't integral to the story, so I can see him being offed in that regard. That being said, his character DOES help the show in terms of likeable characters to root for. The likelihood of Daryl being killed off depends on whether or not that fact is important to the show runners.
If they kill Daryl, I hope they have him die the way Tyreese did in the comics. That would be a perfect shocking and brutal moment. And Dayrl is equivalent to the role Tyreese played in the comics.


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