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Default Re: Time travel method and ripple effect thread

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
What your suggesting Is way too complicated than It needs to be.
It's no more complicated than a sentient computer having taken over the world in the future, brought humanity to near extinction with a nuclear war and it's army of mechanised weapons, only to be beaten back by a human rebellion, so the smart computer sends back in time a robot covered in human flesh to kill the rebellion leader's mother before that man can even be born, which has the human resistance send back a human soldier to stop that robot, with that human ending up becoming that leader's father...

Actually, it's less complicated than that...

And remember who Singer consulted with about his time travel ideas?

Seriously, the idea that something else has tampered with time leading to a Sentinel DOFP future is simpler than trying to explain how these rather conspicuous big ass robots have been running around throughout the original trilogy 'protecting humanity', and yet somehow never made a noteworthy appearance or mention of any sort in any of the mutant shenanigans.

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