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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by Dr Lee View Post
Evra seems to be checking out of MUFC when his contract is up.... For 'personal reasons'
Like that fat cheque Monaco are gonna offer him? I don't begrudge him, he's been a top player for United and has given his all for the club. I hope we don't buy Baines as his replacement though.

Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
I can't remember. Before his injury was he looking like he might be as good as he is now or better/worse?
Oh he's gone up a few levels I'd say. Before the injury he looked a promising AM, now he looks the complete midfield package.

The writing seems to be on the wall even more for Rooney if Fergie lets rips in his book and Utd don't challenge this year. Wonder where he wants to go. Would he fit into Arsenal's current system? Would he prefer Chelsea? Not sure the best clubs Madrid, Barca, Bayern would want him. Hopefully Utd use the funds (which if he continues to play well might be more than you would have got last summer) straightaway to get one or 2 solid players in.
I still see Chelsea as his most likely destination, I think Mourinho went with Eto'o on a 1 year deal as he knows Rooney will push through his transfer next summer with only a year left on his contract. Whatever we get for Rooney it's going to take substantially more to buy the players we need.

And Januzaj really does look like he could be top class. Great news on him signing the contract. You just need a midfield now! How many years do you think VP has?
He's talked about wanting to play to Giggs age but if RvP makes it to 35 still playing at a high standard for United I'll be very pleased.

Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
I don't think there's been any English player with Rooney's potential at 16 that I've seen. From then if everything had gone well he could have kicked on to be in the same bracket as Ronaldo. He hasn't thrown his career away like other players of a similar mentality have but he certainly hasn't maximised his potential either. He could end up as England's highest ever scorer but he also had a lot more to his game than a Lineker which could have put him alongside the very top players.
I agree that he's not quite reached his potential for one reason or anther, I think this upcoming World Cup is huge for him, Ronaldo and Messi as regards their legacies long term, as none of them have really delivered big at an International tournament.

Yes. But since then he hasn't taken the obvious opportunites when they have come. A confusing character for sure. I'd rather have someone else owning the club but I won't say that everything he does is bad; there are good facets to his ownership. Kinnear, Wise & Pardew in charge of the Toon at the takes some coming back from though!
Not a fan of Pardew either?

Originally Posted by Van Petrol View Post
Possibly, though I can't see it happening. It's probably just the media stoking the fire with our two upcoming ties against Dortmund.
That's a distinct possibility knowing our media. Shame about the result tonight, I thought you were the better team from the halfway point of the first half onwards. It just shows how a team can be outplayed and then snatch a win when they have a world class striker, but a world class striker that shouldn't have been on the pitch after that deliberate elbow on Konscielny.

I was impressed with Giroud again, his all round game has really developed since last season. I also felt Dortmund really missed Gundogan in midfield tonight.

Yeah, he looks like he's going to be something special!
I certainly hope Januzaj ushers in an era of players of his ilk a the club, and less of the Valencia and Young type.

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