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Default Re: The Official Cell Phone Junkies Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post

I'm leaning towards the S4 right now unless I save over 75 bucks going with the S3 or the LG G2.
as an s4 owner, i'd go for the s4. the s3 is fine if it's much cheaper, but the screen/specs/camera are notably worse than the s4 even if it looks similar physically (though the s4 does look/feel nicer). almost certain you can find a good deal on the s4 soon as well. also depends how long you are gonna keep your phone; if 2 years, i would go s4 or the g2.

also, i don't trust phones anymore that aren't from samsung/apple/sony/google moto. lg and htc, etc. just aren't players to me anymore, and i always feel full support isn't a given. i got screwed by moto when i got my phone 2 years ago (before they got bought by google) and i realized flagship phones from the main players are the only way to go. also, there will be more support with accessories; for example all the best cases, add-ons, etc. made available are usually only for the iphone or s3/s4.

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