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Default Re: Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns Animated - Part 1

I don't know if this was discussed here or not but do any of you agree that if The Dark Knight Returns was adapted into a Live-Action 80's movie, would it have been any good? Also what changes would you do?

Let's say that the same people behind Robocop, Terminator and Rambo(those kinds of movies) were doing this and it was done in the same vein and feel as those movies(right down to the stunts and effects they did). Oh and Brad Fiedel did the soundtrack/score.

If it was me doing this hypothetical movie, the only change I would make is that Superman(played by Christopher Reeve) was actually mind-controlled the whole time by President Lex Luthor(played by Gene Hackman) who used a variation of Kryptonite to do so. This variation was created by say... Ra's Al Ghul(so Batman can have a reason to be involved). Then in the sequel to this movie we have Superman & Batman beating them in a World's Finest movie.

What do any of you think?

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