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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
That's a distinct possibility knowing our media. Shame about the result tonight, I thought you were the better team from the halfway point of the first half onwards. It just shows how a team can be outplayed and then snatch a win when they have a world class striker, but a world class striker that shouldn't have been on the pitch after that deliberate elbow on Konscielny.

I was impressed with Giroud again, his all round game has really developed since last season. I also felt Dortmund really missed Gundogan in midfield tonight.
Yeah, I think that may be the case. Yeah, but tbf, Dortmund played some good football at times, their tactics payed off and they took their chances. I agree. Although Giroud is playing fabulosuly, I'd still like to see a WC striker brought in eventually as another option. I shudder everytime 'Better than Zlatan's' name is mentioned. Have you seen, he's trying to replicate the Great one's hair and facial hair now, lol.

I think a yellow card was pretty fair, tbh, as they said he didn't look as though he intended to tw*t him before doing so. Yeah, I was wondering where Gundogan was. Maybe we were giving him a tour of the stadium.

I certainly hope Januzaj ushers in an era of players of his ilk a the club, and less of the Valencia and Young type.
Yeah, I agree.

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