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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by kit1982 View Post
Tbh reading the book one thing did occur to me, that Ferguson publicly dishing the dirt on spats is in fact the most Un-Fergie thing to do. The man prided himself and the club on the privacy of these things. The timing of the book seems odd as well, surely next summer would have been a more appropriate time to release it as opposed to the infancy of Moyes OT reign?
I think keeping it all private was more that he knew it was contributing to the well being of the club during his tenure. I think he always planned to release the details after his reign. Bastard was probably taking notes during all the bust ups lol, and getting his own defence ready for things like the Beckham boot incident. Releasing it now shows that the book doing well (while it's all more controversial & Utd are in mini-crisis) is more important to him than Moyes doing well. And while I'm sure he wants Utd to do well long term, I think part of him is also not too unhappy that results are bad immediately after his departure as it adds to his legend and makes the results even more Fergie-specific rather than just general Utd victories that any other top maanger could have got had they stepped in and took over.

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