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Default Re: Fantastic Four reborn! - Part 7

Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Odd choice if that is what they are aiming for....The 616 FF is still in print. over 50 years on and still in print.

The UFF isn't and they are currently a complete mess (Reed is a deformed genocidal nutcase, Ben can turn into a purple energy man as well as the Thing, and is banging Sue to boot as well).

Not the 'go to' source for inspiration, imo.
Doesn't mean they're taking all of the Ultimate FF, with characters like Dr.Doom it seems like they've learned that the original comics way is the best way to go, i'm just calling it as it is from the casting choices, and it'll also be their way of staying away from the last films by having a new origin story.

About Ultimate Marvel, yeah, blame Bendis, but the writers of Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates did turn the mess that was evil genius Reed Richard into an amazing villain.

Returns 2015

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Plenty of male-led action films fail, yet the actors' gender is not blamed. Why should it be different for women? Especially since far more male-led action films are made than female-led action films?
Originally Posted by Roger Ebert
Most of the executives in Hollywood - in fact almost everyone in the movie industry - is smarter than almost all of the movies they make, and they know it. They're just not smart enough not to make them.
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