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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
Like that fat cheque Monaco are gonna offer him? I don't begrudge him, he's been a top player for United and has given his all for the club. I hope we don't buy Baines as his replacement though.
You don't think Baines is good enough?

Oh he's gone up a few levels I'd say. Before the injury he looked a promising AM, now he looks the complete midfield package.
Yeah. Still needs to mature a bit as shown by dwelling on the ball just outside his own box against Dortmund and giving away a goal that changes the whole CL group. But he has huge potential.

I still see Chelsea as his most likely destination, I think Mourinho went with Eto'o on a 1 year deal as he knows Rooney will push through his transfer next summer with only a year left on his contract. Whatever we get for Rooney it's going to take substantially more to buy the players we need.
Will be good planning from Mourinho if that works out. Can't see Eto'o hanging around for years so it would make sense as a plan.

He's talked about wanting to play to Giggs age but if RvP makes it to 35 still playing at a high standard for United I'll be very pleased.
How many years away is that? Lucky Januzaj has arrived as your other world class players (Evra, Rio, Rooney, Vidic?) seem to have one foot out the door for various reasons.

I agree that he's not quite reached his potential for one reason or anther, I think this upcoming World Cup is huge for him, Ronaldo and Messi as regards their legacies long term, as none of them have really delivered big at an International tournament.
How good are Argentina at the moment? Can't see England or Portugal getting to the semi-finals so it might be difficult for Rooney & Ronaldo. Hopefuly all 3 have a top tournament.

Not a fan of Pardew either?
He's been better than I expected, especially during that period when our scout turned up all those top players (so he shouldn't get all the credit) but he's never going to be a truly top manager.

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