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Default Re: General Star Wars Episode VII News/Speculation Thread - Part 6

I'm excited, but still cautious about it. I think we will get news next week, but the question is will we get this Luke Announcement trailer that has been talked about?


-Ali Arkin a day before the ANH teaser was released reported he heard something about a Luke Announcement trailer. Ali has been reliable in the past, even during the PT days he gave good scoops. releasing the three first teasers for Episode IV-VI, which the exact week after falls on October 30th, the one year anniversary of the announcement of Episode VII-IX and the buying of LFL by Disney. Seems a little too coincidental I will admit.

-Disney's earning's call is on the 7th of November. So I have a feeling having some big news about their new big franchise may be in order, prior to that. To make investors feel even more happy about that massive purchase.

-JJ has released teasers prior to filming in the past. Super 8 had a teaser trailer in May of 2010 and they did not start filming until September of that year. Also ST09 had a teaser released in the early parts of filming for ST09. So he's made teasers of this sort in the past.


-An LFL employee did tweet we may be looking too much into it, but then hinted maybe there is something else, in another place. So it's hard to tell what he was getting to.

-Really LFL has not made any announcements on this, and it could be coincidental.

So to sum it up we may get something but it may just be a video of Mark talking about returning like JJ and Williams did. But here's hoping for a cool teaser.

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