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Default Re: The INDIANA JONES Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by MrMaooz View Post
What is your favorite scene/sequence in all the movies?

Mine is the tank sequence in Crusade.
There are several great scenes in Raiders that have already been mentioned but the great thing about Raiders, and the reason it is my favorite Spielberg movie, is that you can't go two minutes without running into yet another brilliant moment or detail that shows what a genius of a visual storyteller Spielberg was at his peak. So many sight gags, so many moments that give chills--even sometimes just a combination of the image with the score--so many deft character interactions, so many different ways in which Spielberg fills you with awe, laughter, or excitement through what you're seeing and hearing. It's just pure, unbridled, inspired entertainment and, to me, the epitome of entertainment as art through the sheer grace and beauty of HOW it entertains.

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