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Default Re: The mighty 50 days coutdown to Thor: The Dark World

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Damn, how much have you spent on that collection? How did your most expensive comic cost?
Well, a lot of '80s and later stuff I got when I was growing up, or when it was in the dollar bin somewhere, or for cheap at various cons, etc., so I don't really know how much I've spent on it total. But when I'm buying older stuff I try not to break the bank, so I don't go all out and buy perfect/mint condition copies. I'm patient, so I can wait for good deals, too. I need the comic to be intact, and I like the covers to have some good brightness to them and not be bent/cut/torn up, drawn on, or taped (if possible), but other than that I'm not too finicky.

By far the most expensive single comic I have is Silver Surfer #4, which has IMO one of the best covers feature Thor ever! It was a gift, so I'm not supposed to know how much it cost , but I think it was about $200. Personally, I don't think I've ever put down more than $50 for a single issue, but if I want to (someday) finish my collection, I'll eventually have to.

Other than traveling (which I don't have much time for any more), I don't have any other expensive hobbies, so I can manage just collecting Thor.

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