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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE

Originally Posted by @kylethomaswest View Post
I won tickets to see this last night, and as a huge fan of these films, Thor 2 didn't disappoint at all. Without spoiling anything, the scale on these films since the first Avengers film is crazy. During a sequence halfway through, I literally turned to my wife and had to say "this is f***ing awesome". Probably a much funnier movie than it had any right to be, too.

I think these Marvel films have become so many, and so popular, that like Iron Man 3 this film might get bashed online by some just for the sake of it. But for me, as someone who enjoyed Thor the most out of Phase 1, this ticked all the boxes for me. The wait until The Winter Soldier just became that much more unbearable though...
Good to hear that fans of Marvel will be pleased. A few questions, did this film feel more like it was about Thor as much as IM3 was about Tony? Is Alrgim's transformation to Kurse shown in the film? And is it by accident or is it a sacrifice? From the Character synopsis as well as Adewale's description of the character it sounds like a sacrifice for the greater good.

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