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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Much better performance tonight, Rooney, Kagawa and Giggs were great in attack and I thought the Evans and Jones partnership looked strong in defense.

The big cocnern is lack of finishing that saw us allow the game to drag on when it should have been killed off as a contest. The other thing is that I don't think a Carrick and Giggs partnership would survive against a top team, yet worryingly it's the best we have looked in midfield this season.

Originally Posted by Van Petrol View Post
Yeah, I think that may be the case. Yeah, but tbf, Dortmund played some good football at times, their tactics payed off and they took their chances. I agree. Although Giroud is playing fabulosuly, I'd still like to see a WC striker brought in eventually as another option. I shudder everytime 'Better than Zlatan's' name is mentioned. Have you seen, he's trying to replicate the Great one's hair and facial hair now, lol.

I think a yellow card was pretty fair, tbh, as they said he didn't look as though he intended to tw*t him before doing so. Yeah, I was wondering where Gundogan was. Maybe we were giving him a tour of the stadium.
They certainly sat back to hit on the counter and it did pay off, but I felt they really were under the thumb for most of the second half. I can certainly understand not wanting Bendtner as a back-up as he's awful, but if you buy another top striker it becomes hard for you to play Wenger's preferred system and keep everyone happy, look at how we are struggling to play a modern style and accommodate Rooney and RvP.

Gotta disagree there mate, Lewandowski is crafty and I think it was an intential shot, if Konscielny makes a meal of it insatead of just holding his face then he rightfully gets sent off IMO, kinda plays into the mindset of some that back players making the most of situations. Lol, Gundogan is injured actually.

Originally Posted by Van Petrol View Post
Even now, I still find this picture hillarious.

This is ripe for thought bubble manips!

Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
You don't think Baines is good enough?
Oh I think Baines is very good, but by the time we bought him he'd be close to 30, I'd rather we went for Contreao or Luke Shaw.

Yeah. Still needs to mature a bit as shown by dwelling on the ball just outside his own box against Dortmund and giving away a goal that changes the whole CL group. But he has huge potential.
Oh there is room to grow for sure, and I think VP mentioned that Wenger felt positionally he needs to improve defensively, but the attributes for a great CM are all there.

Will be good planning from Mourinho if that works out. Can't see Eto'o hanging around for years so it would make sense as a plan.
Yeah, I'd say Eto'o will likely be a one season only thing, and I can't see Rooney's fences being mended at Untied.

How many years away is that? Lucky Januzaj has arrived as your other world class players (Evra, Rio, Rooney, Vidic?) seem to have one foot out the door for various reasons.
RvPis just turned 30. Yeah we need to add some really top quality in the summer or we will fall behind to a point where things will become very difficult to overturn.

How good are Argentina at the moment? Can't see England or Portugal getting to the semi-finals so it might be difficult for Rooney & Ronaldo. Hopefuly all 3 have a top tournament.
Argentina have looked uncertain when I've seen them, I think the coaches they have had don't know quite how to use Messi as Barca's team is built around him and it's harder to do that with an International set up.

He's been better than I expected, especially during that period when our scout turned up all those top players (so he shouldn't get all the credit) but he's never going to be a truly top manager.
Do you think he overestimated his own level after that one really good season that got him the silly 7 year contract?

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