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Originally Posted by Pac-Master View Post
I have to admit, I really thought this thing would have been classified by today. What's the hold-up? Maybe it's still being finalized.
They said the trailer would be released in the fall. People were/are assuming it would be with Thor 2. We may have to wait another month--it may just be an online release and not attached to anything. Or...they made an error in promising the trailer would be viewable by fall and it won't be released until Jan/Feb.

Originally Posted by Vid Electricz View Post
Anyone else find it funny that Ratha was only doing what Connors changed into the Lizard to stop, but then decided to do later anyway? lol.
Although Connors didn't want to test it on unsuspecting vets in a hospital, he'd rather do it on himself, because he knew he was taking a risk as opposed to those who didn't know or unaware to the possible risks cause to them it was "just a winter flu-shot." He made a sacrifice to test the serum on himself--not knowing of course, that he would turn into a large Lizard. Once he realized the change was occurring he rushed to try and stop Ratha.

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