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Default Re: General Star Wars Episode VII News/Speculation Thread - Part 6

Originally Posted by georgec View Post
I used to post and browse the TFN forums in the early 2000s but gradually faded after ROTS came out. I don't particularly remember anything bad about the forums from that time - is it just an overall atmosphere or something more specific? I'm just curious... I see comments about TFN pop up every now and then on other message boards, but I haven't revisited to see for myself.
Well I'm a long time person from there but did disappear for a while. It's structure and some of the noobs are the big problem. The mods focus on all the wrong things. There was a few fights where a person was flat out calling me and others "stupid" not half way, but just outright. Here on the Hype they would have been infracted and probably banned for that kind of behavior that is very normal over there. But the mods usually just ignore it and say "Stop it guys". I will admit (regardless of how one feels) they are much more biased towards the PT defenders and let them get away with things like calling people "stupid, or insane etc".

The mods also really don't take advice well, many were wanting a thread just like the one we are talking in here, a kinda General News thread. I suggested it to them, and said it works wonders on the Hype, and is a great thread to have. And they all thought it was stupid and no one stays on any form of topic over there at all. The other day people were talking about global warming on the Casting Rumors thread.

I admit the Hype can go off topic but over there is just no structure. But let me tell you, if you double post accidentally....the mods will get on you about that....but that's about the extent of their modding lol. Here the mods take it more seriously and act quickly. There you may not get a reply for days.

With the people it really has nothing to do with the PT vs OT stuff. It's just now 99% of them over there are noobs, people that came in for Episode VII which is fine. But since the mods don't do too much it does not weed out the real weird ones.

But more so here on the Hype there is so many more "experienced" posters it seems. More people that have been through dozens of "hypes" of dozens of movies on these very forums. And we seem to know the drills a little bit better than over there. So to put it another way, it's worse than the Batboards/Spideyboards over there lol.

One guy was arguing with me today saying "LITERALLY" that SW Episode VII needs no marketing at all. No trailers, TV spots, Posters, NOTHING. And he still thinks it would make 2 billion dollars. When I tried to explain no matter how big your brand, like Coke, Apple, Star Wars you need marketing, the GA is not as aware as we are, and they like to be informed in today's modern world. So many distractions and competition especially for blockbusters you need information.

He was trying to tell me LFL is stupid for spending money on marketing, and they will do it but they "don't have to'. Which I tried to explain to him there was a reason why GL and LFL spent 100's of millions of dollars on the PT for marketing. George is very tight about money always has been...and if he did not have to spend money on marketing he would not have done it. But they have to even with big brands. Coke/Apple spends billions of dollars on marketing for that reason alone, and they are two of the biggest franchises in the entire world, strong brands. But anyways he just kept saying they don't need marketing. And I was saying...that's just not true. They would make a 1/3 of what they could make if they do "NO" marketing.

But oh well lol.

BTW here is that link to the next SW insider looks like we may be getting something big soon.

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