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Originally Posted by sf2 View Post
so in short, most of the complaints can be addressed if they had put in a few scenes of superman saving the innocents in the end?

For me personally, it could have made a huge difference. (just like how I think TDKR's climax makes its exhausting third act feel worth it).

The climax focuses solely on the hardship of the action Superman has to take, instead of also showing what it was for and what it accomplished (and how the public view Superman). Compare that to the climax in TDKR which was both tragic and heroic at the same time by showing the kids alive on the bridge, the people coming out of their homes (Gordon's speech), the statue, etc.

I think the scene at least should have shown the family alive and grateful (ala TASM bridge scene or SM2 train scene). It didn't have to go to full-blown trumpets-blaring heroism, but I would have liked the music to turn around and show the heroism/hopefulness underlining that climax/sacrifice, not just the hardship.

I would have wanted the movie to communicate that he has (or could) become a symbol of hope. Since it might be a little tricky to do that in the scene where he just killed someone, that's why I think they could have followed that scene with him helping people out of the rubble, in buildings, etc, paralleling his first heroic scene on the bus (though this time, it's without hiding the truth. Now he can actually be that symbol).

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