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Default Re: Rank the Iron Man movies (IM, IM2, and IM3)

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
I disagree. I felt like Killian was a very fair match for Stark. He was in the power position most of the movie, and in their physical confrontation, he was wiping the floor with Stark. Stark just outsmarted him toward the end, but for most of the fight, Stark was clearly losing. That shows me Killian was a threat (something I def feel Vanko lacked).
I just never felt Stark was truly in danger though (but this is a complaint for all MCU movies so far, something I hope they address in the next movies, as Thor 2 seems the same) their brief fight at the end didnt really see Stark in deep **** like the X-Men have seemed numerous times in their movies or Spiderman did in the Raimi movies. I think if Mandarin had beaten Tony to within an inch of life then he would have been more effective. The fact that Tony only used 2 armours to fight with him seemed to lower his threat as well, to me anyway.

Originally Posted by A Necessary Evil View Post
Vanko was awesome...and then he did the NYYEAAAHH.

Then he got awesome, and kicked ass at Monaco, and did a Joker-like interrogation with Stark.

Then nothing.

Like i've said before, this twist isn't really that different from the first two IM movies, if you think about it. Yeah, we all knew Stane was the baddie, but Raza was set up as the foil in the beginning of IM1...and it turns out it was Stane all along. Vanko was advertised/set up to be the big baddie in IM2...and Hammer did more damage than Vanko did.
I loved Hammer but I cant agree with this, Hammer just broke Vanko out of prison, which indeed led to Vanko doing what he did but Vanko did all the damage at the end.

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