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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Ah right, I still think there is a good comic-book movie role out there for him though, the guy is huge.

SR had plenty of substance which it explored through it main theme, which is spelt out on the scrabble board at the start of the movie 'alienation.' Superman has never felt quite at home on earth, despite his love for humanity, hence why he goes back to Krypton. The alienation them is spoken by Superman and live by Superman throughout, for example, lines like "That place was a graveyard, and i'm all thats left." Him overhearing Lois saying she never loved him, seeing the article "Why the world doesnt need Superman," the reciting of Jor-El's speech, particulatly Kal-El's face when he says "Even though you have ben raised as a human being, you are not one of them....." and so on and so forth. The biggest one being Lex turning a remnant of his homeworld, long lost and completely destroyed along with his people, into a "sick joke." Thats what I like about the movie, Superman goes through a lot of hardships in SR but they are emotional rather than physical, in a way he is being tortured throughout the movie, with saving people his only happy moments.

Then of course to find out at the end that there IS someone like him in the universe, and its his own is very uplifting in the movie. Hence why Kal-El relaying Jor-El's speech to Jason was highly emotional, and Superman was genuinely happy at the end of the movie when he wasnt for most it, he's not alone anymore.
Thanks. Sound very sentimental, making people cry.
Can I put it this way... SR is like a jazz music, blue n slow; while MOS like a rock music, fast n explosive. But that doesn't make SR more subtance than MOS.

Therefore, that statement is b..llsh..t to me.

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