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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 2

Originally Posted by balanda View Post
"because if not next thing we will see Loki siting on Thor`s lap for real"
I'm sorry, are you confusing queer sexuality with incest? Because maybe you are joking, but we have seen absolutely NOTHING from the author to indicate incest, and it's really dodgy of you to draw that inference.

He's joking about the jock thing. Jeezus louise. He's talking from Loki's point of view. I thought that was really obvious. Yes, he's exaggerating, lying, provoking the reader, and considering he says he identifies strongly with Loki, I'm going to guess it's his personality. And that it's a really good trait to be writing a trickster. Are these actual quotes from Al Ewing? Because maybe you've read an article I haven't, but I think it's likely you're putting your own paraphrasing on it, and that's really not what I think he said. He's talked about guilt. Lots and lots of guilt. Bring on the guilt, say I. From what I've read from Ewing I think there's going to be quite a lot of darkness in this series. Loki trying to change, and failing, and trying again, because he's self-destructive and bitter and selfish. But also charming and joking, and I think, as a spy, good chances he'll be subtle and elegant.

How much we could talk about the genderedness of the criticism "fan service for the tumblr crowd". But I've already said enough on why I think that's a ridiculous criticism for a series that hasn't even come out yet.

Here's hoping Ewing follows through, anyway.
Wording is strange to me no matter "whose point of view" they are they are modern internet language. In his MA interviews he sounds completely different.

There is a potential in this series, yes, and it will be another asgardian book for me to read but I am wary because YA already getting on my nerves sometimes with fan awareness. But it`s important for this series to reach its potential it should avoid cancellation, but I am sadly do not see it, and many other ALL NEW marvel NOW! series avoiding it in a year or so.

Incest was a joke, sure, like how far can fan-servise go, that will be the absolute top.

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