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Default Re: Deadpool Spin-off Confirmed - Part 1
Reynolds interview on the status.

“[In] its current iteration the movie’s actually very small, There’s minimal impact to the studio, which is the way we’re kind of presenting it to them. We’re saying ‘Look, the budget is minimal. Therefore, can we do this the way it should be done?’ Which unfortunately needs a Rated R [age certificate] or it needs those elements.”

“The script is probably available online, it leaked,” he added. "But it’s very meta, I mean the character knows he’s in a movie, he knows he’s in a comic book. He names studio executives in the script. So, it’s kind of a risky property. But, you know, we’ll see. It's actually, within the last couple of weeks, taken a few very, very small tiptoes forward."

I think if I were a betting man it’ll get made, eventually. I mean it’s just been developed to high heaven. It has great people around it, so we’ll see.”

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