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Default Re: The Official PS4 Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by RavenX View Post
I haven't even played a Killzone

how does Killzone compare to other FPS?

like what sets it apart?

is the story good?
Haha, no. KZ’s 2 story was alright but 3 was awful. There was barely one there and it was mainly to take you from point A to B. It does have interesting and memorable characrters though. I would say after COD4, KZ2 is my favorite FPS of this generation. The graphics are REALLY good. Best looking ones on consoles. If you are used to just COD, then KZ will amaze you. I like the futuristic space setting and the struggle between ISA and Helghast, the two primary factions in the group. KZ has great set pieces which go along great with the visuals as well as interesting level design.

As far as what sets it apart, the guns have a bit of weight to them so that it does things don’t feel as "arcadey” for lack of a better word than other shooters”. One may or may not like that though. The main thing that sets it apart is the multiplayer. I forgot what its called (think Warzone), but its set up as 5 rounds and rotates objectives. So one round it might be a team deathmatch and the next its a variation of CTF, then search and destroy, etc… It all happens very fast without an exit to the menu. Plus Killzone is one of the few games that actually has bots so you can do this all solo if you choose. It has a very rewarding upgrade system and well balanced class system. I really enjoy it. Unfortunately SF will remove jetpacks which were a really fun addition to the last game

Not sure what series Id compare it to as KZ really does feel different and original to me. It was dubbed a "Halo killer" but it has enough different that I really don’t see too many comparisons to Halo when playing it. Maybe that they both tackle futuristic space colony.

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