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Default Re: The CA:TWS Teaser Trailer (10/24/13) Thread

I think it looks pretty sweet, for a teaser trailer. Made me want to see more, but it definitely didn't give much away. I was expecting a little more action, but I really like the action they did include. Every scene with the Winter Soldier was exciting. I love the knife fight between him and Steve as well as the last clip with WS catching the shield.

I definitely noticed them working the Redford factor. They featured him a lot more than I expected, at the expense of Black Widow and Falcon, but that's fine--it gets me even more excited about his role in the movie. And it almost makes me not miss Stanley Tucci or Tommy Lee Jones...almost.

Gotta say my eyes rolled at the exploding/crashing Helicarrier CGI cluster*** at the end of the trailer--at this point isn't it kind of cliche?

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