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Default Re: The CA:TWS Teaser Trailer (10/24/13) Thread

Originally Posted by craigdbfan View Post
Perfection. Seriously.

What a gorgeous looking movie and with some meaty dialogue too. That's exactly what I want from a Captain America film.

The DP for this is the same fellow who was in charge of Elysium and District 9 so I'm not surprised that it looks this beautiful.

To be honest it looks like Marvel threw all its money into this film. You can tell they're banking on this one being big. That's not to bring Thor 2 down but even based on the trailer you can tell that the Russo's were able to work better with Marvel than Taylor.

I'm still damn excited for Thor:TDW but holy cow does Cap:TWS look insane.
Just come at me Bro ! That's EXACTLY , word to word , what I think !

This movie just looks perfect doesn't it ? And I won't be surprised if it is !

I mean that dialogue , it's exactly what I wanted and FINALLY having those awesome fight scenes is just what we need for this movie .

Am I the only thinking this movie will probably be the BEST MCU phase 2 movie with GOTG ?

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