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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE

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I'd lean toward no. I actually thought, after perhaps the first half hour or so, that Thor hadn't actually been in it all that much at all. That all changes by the final act, but certainly the first half of the film in particular spends more time developing the secondary characters than I'd expected.

Iron Man needed a personal story for Tony, I don't think Thor is quite at that point yet. I'm not even sure such a narrative style would even suit the character right now, as he's being presented in the films.
Interesting. In the reviews I have come across it seemed that the development of the secondary characters was nonexistent. Good to know we will be getting to know them better.

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No spoilers, but let's just say I'm sure you won't be disappointed
So is that a yes for the transformation scene? I asked a person on the IMDB message board and he said he couldn't remember any significant transformation for Algrim in the film.

He said " it is a bit like he is Algrim in one scene, then Maleikith (don't know how you spell it sorry) put something in him, and next scene he is Kurse ".

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