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Default Re: Rank the Superman films

Ranked in order of personal enjoyment of the film-watching experience as a whole:

Man of Steel
Superman II (Lester's over Donner)
Superman Returns
Superman III & IV

I cannot rank STM. Partly because of how much I appreciate what it helped create and what it left behind, which becomes conflicting because I don't enjoy the film all that much. It is very much one of those movie experiences I completely feel like spacing out for a good deal of its runtime, but I cannot deny the overwhelmingly good things in it. Place it at the top of the list, or at the bottom, it makes no difference to me.

Honourable mention: Superman & The Mole-Men, which I enjoy a lot, but it has a completely different approach to comic book movies to stand with the rest.

Having said that, if animated stuff counts, "Superman VS The Elite" is -in my opinion- the best Superman movie we have ever got.

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