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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
You can't forget the Frost Giant battle, but that's good to hear I read a review that said their fight was one of the action highlights.
Yeah, I loved the Frost Giant battle, but this particular fight just felt a bit more of a "ground and pound".

Did Thor pull off some epic attacks in this film, like some serious holy ship he's bass moments?
He had his moments. I can't imagine anyone is going to be disappointed, at least. In truth, I was so in awe throughout the whole film, that I can't specifically remember a particular moment where has was proper bad ass. They were in there, I was just having a nerdgasm for too long to properly notice

It sounds like Malekith will be very similar to Hugo's Redskull which is fine by me, how would you rank Malekith among other MCU villains?
In truth, beyond Loki, I've never been too impressed with the villains in the Marvel films. Only Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 3 have really impressed me with how much they've made me want their villains beaten.

As far as scifi villains go, I'd probably say Malekith actually feels very similar to Nero from Star Trek 09. Not in character, but just in how he effects the whole movie.

As for the humor is there really just too much humor or was it just a case of it being more than you expected?
It was a pleasant surprise for me, personally. There's one scene that is right up there with the funniest scenes I've seen in any film period. Takes place at a certain British'll know it when you see it

I guess, think Avengers level of comedy, but for me it felt a lot more natural than a lot of the jokes in Avengers. Between this, and the humour in Iron Man 3, I dare say Marvel fell in love with Joss' comedy style in Avengers and have just adopted it for all their films.

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