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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 10

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
It looks as if they finally figured out he doesn't half to be toe the line of being wooden and kept. He can be a man of great morals, but still have personality. For me that's what I thought the writers struggled with most when portraying him in the first film.
It's a rather tough nut to crack with Cap, because I do think you have to go through the initial origin personality from the 40's (which can come off as wooden at times, but I thought that endearing for Steve Rogers), to have the exploration of Steve's moral conflict with the modern world make sense.

I thought the movie captured his do-goodiness, his basic sense of morality, particularly with the "I don't like bullies," line and going after Bucky. It was couched in the whole shiny period-feel of a 40's pulp movie, but it worked perfectly for me.

So the contrast with the modern day is even more pronounced. It'll definitely provide for some excellent material.

An observation I had: even the humor at the beginning of the movie serves as a good framework for the movie as a whole and the dialogue from Redford and Jackson that follows. Cap says his barbershop quartet is "dead," and the narrative of the trailer focuses on the fact that Cap clings too much to the ideals of his past. And all of this sets up for the emergence of the Winter Soldier as the biggest ghost Cap will have to deal with.

I'm just so very, very much in love with this trailer.

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