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Default Re: Your honest rating for X3 if Prof. X and Cyclops had not died

Originally Posted by CyclopsWasRight View Post
Scott was shortchanged but I thought Xaviers death was handled greatly.

Frankly i think X3 gets abit too much hate. It's not as bad as Elektra or Catwoman or Batman and Robin.
I agree 100% with that. I dug Xaviers death and theres no way X3 is as bad as Catwoman or Elektra.
It's about the same level as Iron Man 2 & 3
That I disagree with. Maybe IM2.

Im gonna say I give X3 a 6.5 or 7 without the death of Cyc. I think it's a solid popcorn flick that still carries the themes of the previous films fairly well. I really dug Beast, Kitty, the Soundtrack, teamwork in battle, the energy and the tone of the film feels more like the books, comedy works better then the previous etc. Lot of fun moments as well as angering.

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