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Default Re: Rank the Superman films

1) Superman the movie (only by a fraction, hey I was 8 when I saw it, and it was the most amazing thing since Star Wars, which came out the year before). The only thing wrong with it is the ending...but hey, it was so awesome seeing Superman on the big screen, we let that one go.

2) Man of Steel, only a fraction less awesome than SMTM, Superman had to get a bit more serious and involve a bit more property damage to be credible in the 21st century, sorry it ain't 1978 anymore. Total Super-awesomeness, and a way better ending than SMTM.

3) Superman II, good attempt for a Superman vs actual Supervillains, and back in
1980 it was hillarious, and thrilling. "Kneel before Zod." come on, who can't love that ?

4) Superman IV, yes it was crap, but that was due to its execution. The underlying premise, that Superman shouldn't get involved in politics has a lot of merit, a lot more than this film deserved. And also, Superman moved the moon, that's always cool. (although it probably would have triggered Tsunami's everywhere...anyway).

5) Superman III, not good at all. Mostly because some idiot studio exec thought,
hmmmm...Superman isn't cool enough by himself, we'll throw that coke-head Richard Pryor in there to make him even cooler. Now Richard Pryor is one of the great 20th century comedians, but come on, he doesn't belong in a Superman film. And Robert Vaughn as a second rate Lex Luthor ?

6) Superman returns.......bottom of the barrel. My main reason for intensely disliking this movie is that at one point Superman, who has super-human senses and is the son of the smartest scientist of a super-advanced race, is ****ing stupid enough to land on a continent that's mostly made up of the one substance in the universe THAT CAN ****ING KILL HIM ????!!!!! The rest of the film with Supes moping around looking a bit bemused is only mildly tolerable - the other big sin of this movie is they tried to re-make a Chris Reeve Superman film, without Chris Reeve, it was never going to work. Unlike Superman turning back the world at the end of SMTM, you can't turn the clock back to 1978. For that reason, it is the worst Superman movie of all time, ever.

great thread BTW. (oh, if animated stuff counts, then All Star Superman goes in there after MOS but way before Superman II )

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