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Default Re: Robert Redford offically joins Cap:TWS

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
I have no problem with it (as long as there are no actual spoilers). I just use them in case this is a discussion anyone is trying to avoid.

I think that way works as well, but at the same time,
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this film seems to be very much about the demon's of Cap's past (as well as the world around him that SHIELD is creating). I think given that theme, it would make sense to use that card in this film. If you do it in 3, after we have so many returning Cap villains in this one, it might feel like a less cool idea. That would make 2 straight sequels in which Cap is facing his former WWII foes. I think using this film, when Cap is getting used to the new world, as our gateway in seeing how his old world has evolved over time as well works best. That way, Cap 3 is free to do whatever they want and not be forced into reusing the same villains he has already faced again, and for it to not feel like everytime Cap is in a solo adventure in the modern world, he is fighting people from WWII
I would be cool with that.
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And as I said, if you have to replace Weaving, Redford's a damn solid choice. It still bums me out that Weaving seems so uninterested though.


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