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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 10

Originally Posted by Zinc Saucier View Post
Are we just not supposed to notice the added middle red stripe on the TWS version of the suit? It also doesn't seem to have the shoulder pads from the TFA one.
It looks great.

I think we're expected to notice but just figure that as it's not a massive change [certainly not one the G.A. will get] it doesnt require any explanation whatsoever - it's really one for us fanboys [who missed it in the 1st film] and isnt a big deal.

My view is that it's along the same lines as the Banner recast for the Avengers. There were a couple of posters on here who were adamant that they just had to explain in the movie why Banner looked different (Norton - Ruffallo; one even suggesting that Banner explain that he got plastic surgery in order to escape General Ross. WTF?!!) when it just didnt require anything. It's like 'please, just accept it that there's going to be some cosmetic changes along the way and move on.......'

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