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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 10

An observation:

I speculated some time ago -- and this trailer seems to confirm -- that the Soviets/Russians from the comics probably do not have much of a role (if any) as antagonists. The conflict appears to be primarily internal political intrigue (as we've actually known for quite some time) rather than foreign nationalistic interests (this is in line with Marvel's previous movies as well). There seem to be no named Russian characters in the cast (excluding BW of course), and WS appears to be working for... someone other than the Russians.

The only thing I can't quite explain, though, is the Red Communist Star painted on WS's arm. I remember being surprised by it when the first set photos came out. Because its literally the only thing we've seen that even hints at a Russian connection. The only explanations I can come up with (short of WS actually being a Soviet/Russian agent) is that it's either deliberate misinformation by WS's handlers, or it possibly hints at a past BW+WS connection. Any other ideas?

Granted, Marvel seems to be keeping the villain reveal secret, as they should for a political thriller, but "it's actually Russians" just doesn't seem like the kind of exciting, unexpected twist that Marvel would consider worthy of consideration.

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