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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 2

I'm sure the 'fanbase' has said these statements, but not sure where you get the idea that the 'fanbase' said "returns was a bad movie a single punch".
And I'm not sure the fanbase is saying mos was a 'bad movie because he killed'. By fanbase I assume you mean superman fans and not the GA?

Like you said there are other problems, so I'm curious where you derived these conclusions other than the sentiments of a few, loud(like waid) or others.
Moreover, weren't you going on about how wb(goyer/snyder specifically) probably won't take the criticism but rather just do what they want(maybe that was tobias).

My point is, you are making generalizations about why 'people' think films are good or bad as a whole. I personally think if mos had major failings, between the 4 creative people attached to the film, at least some of those things will be addressed, nolan doesn't seem like one to not be even a little keen on such things, even in a suggestion capacity. The only concern is if WB sees more money to be made in spite of what is a proper decision. The fact of the matter is unlike GL they have a hit on their hands, more than ASM/Ironman in respective categories. Had they played it safer and not taken a few bold chances they probably would have had a safer score tbh.

one difference between returns and mos is the basic superman tropes of old such as the daily planet stuff, costume changes and excuses, luthor, a superman that waved to people..etc. This stuff puts returns in a more 'superman film' category than returns which simply chose to go in a fresh, prequelesque route. I think some people that want to see that 'stuff' may have been put off by this non superman film which might have lead to some of the criticism about some stuff missing. I see that changed next time around. When someone said the fun was missing, I suspect at least some of that has to do with no classic shirt rip or things of that sort.

All that being said, I personally think this team has a way with sequels.

"I care because filmmakers now make films under crippling security because of parasitic gossip. makes movies worse"
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